Digital Imaging and Remote Sensing Image Generation

The DIRSIG Team can provide a variety of services to the user community through the DIRS Enterprise Center.

For more information on these services or to inquire about others not listed, contact us directly via email.

Scene Content Development

  • Task our experienced staff to build the 3D attributed assets required to power your simulations.

  • This can entail the creation of individual target geometries or entire scenes.


General Technical Consulting

  • Work with the DIRSIG team to optimize your simulations for improved efficiency and value.

  • This can entail dedicated consulting time to advise you and/or your team on the best ways to utilize simulations for your simulation-driven studies. Remote and on-site options are available.


Advanced Training Workshops

  • Attend single-day remote workshops to sharpen skills or develop new skills in specific areas.

  • Possible topic areas include advanced sensor modeling, scene construction, maritime simulations, lidar simulations, clouds/plumes and automation/scripting. Or request a workshop on a topic of your choice.


AI/ML Training Data Generation

  • Leverage DIRSIG’s ability to model arbitrary bands across the entire EO/IR wavelength range to produce labeled data sets to address your advanced AI/ML training requirements.

  • The DIRSIG team can assist in setting up the simulations and/or running them for you.