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Bugtracker: Bugtracking system used by the DIRSIG project.
Bulldozer: Scene and object creation tool for DIRSIG.
CIS Problem Tracker: A temporary sandbox to demonstrate how to use Bugzilla for problem tracking.
ComputeFarm: The computational cluster for the modeling group.
DIRSIG3: Previous Generation DIRSIG model
DIRSIG4: Current Generation DIRSIG model
DIRSIG5: The latest generation of the DIRSIG model
DST: The DIRS Software Trove
Documentation: Documentation including the print and online (HTML) version of the manual.
Main Website: Issues with the DIRSIG website.
MegaScene1: Issues related to the MegaScene #1 project (Rochester, NY).
MegaScene2: Issues related to the MegaScene #2 project (Trona, CA)
MicroScene1: The small area, high spatial fidelty scene on the RIT campus.
MicroScene2: The small area, high spatial fidelity scene at Camp Eastman (Rochester, NY)
SpectralDB: Spectral Measurements Database
myDIRSIG Website: The self-service website for users managing DIRSIG software.